Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A backyard provides a great place for outdoor activities, entertaining and relaxation. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious property, you have endless backyard landscaping options, but what can you do with a small backyard that offers limited space?

Here are some small backyard landscaping ideas:

Gathering Areas

Small backyard landscaping ideas can be challenging when you have a small backyard. You may not have room for a large patio or deck, but you need to create a small gathering area where you can relax and entertain guests. By using pavers or modular floor tiles, you can design a small patio area for relaxation and entertaining.

  • Outdoor Pavers
  • Modular Tiles

Bold Pops of Color

Small backyards naturally offer fewer opportunities for visual interest than large yards, but using bold colors is one of the easiest, affordable small backyard landscaping ideas available.

Color quickly creates contrast and visual interest. You can bring color to your patio or deck with cushions, pillows, throws and accessories, and strong color into the yard with annuals and perennials in bold, brilliant hues.

Decorative Containers

In a small backyard, your grassy areas may be limited or even non-existent. If you don’t have a lawn or much room for landscaping, plant in decorative containers that will add texture and color to your back yard. Whether you want to create privacy, borders or more visual interest in the yard, decorative pots and containers make great small backyard landscaping ideas.

  • Large Urns
  • Clay Pots
  • Galvanized Containers
  • Colorful Ceramics

Decorative Containers

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds, also called garden boxes, are great small backyard landscaping ideas for growing small plots of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Since they are raised, they reduce weed growth, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and reduce damage from outdoor pests like snails and slugs. When planting in raised garden beds, the soil stays warmer and well-drained throughout the year.

Fire Pits

Even with a small backyard, you can add a cozy fire pit on the patio or in the yard. A fire pit provides a great gathering spot for guests and added warmth and light for the backyard, so you can get outside more often throughout the year.

Fire Pits

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable small backyard landscaping ideas. It instantly adds visual interest to any size yard. It provides a soft glow that creates mood and a comfortable atmosphere.

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