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Curb Appeal Omaha

In the real estate business everyone talks about curb appeal but, you ask, what the heck is that anyway and what does it have to do with me? Seriously, who cares about what the curb thinks?

Actually, everyone cares about curb appeal — especially anyone buying or selling a property. We may think we couldn’t care less about what other people think about our curb appeal, but the truth is how you feel about the look of your property influences how you feel about your home – and your home life.

Here are the must-do’s for beautiful curb appeal in Omaha and the surrounding areas:


It’s gotta make sense. If there’s a feeling of imbalance and messiness, then no one is going to be impressed. You create organization by having an intentional design for your front space that includes balance, maybe symmetry, some repetition, and the scale has to be right – nothing too big or too small.


There is nothing worse than dead and dying plants to detract from a home. Yellowed, wilted, half-dead, or sheared-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives does not communicate health. Your landscape needs to have life, flow, and vitality. Lush greens accented with vibrant colors and perhaps some pleasant aroma signals healthy. This creates appeal which creates pride.


One of the best ways to create curb appeal is to layer the landscape. Having a flat line of shrubs at the front of the house does little to excite the imagination. Flowing bed lines that allow for large, mid-sized, and small plants will create a pleasing tapestry of textures and diversity of colorful foliage and flowers.


An important but overlooked aspect of curb appeal is the approach to your home: is it comfortable or intimidating? If you have a scary driveway (“Oh, man, how will I ever turn around?”), a dangerous walkway (“Whoa, I wore the wrong shoes for this house”), or a confusing approach (“Yikes, where do I even go to knock on the door?”), these situations make the visitor uncomfortable. And that’s just not appealing at all.

You may not have visitors often, but you still need to consider how it feels to approach your house because it is a reflection on how you feel about your home, other people, and the welcoming (or repelling) nature of this most important place of your life.

Full of seasonal WOW!

Depending on where you live, you may have distinctly or at least slightly different seasons. Either way, it’s important to find seasonal differentiators and use those to create some pop in your landscape experience.

Omaha has four unique seasons and we love to use planters to add excitement to the landscape. Spring, summer, fall, and winter each offer unique opportunities to add interest and “wow!” to the garden with plants and planter accents that feature colorful foliage and branches, even when the plants are cold and dormant.

Annual bedding plants, spring flowering and summer flowering bulbs, and art…don’t forget the art – elegant or whimsy – that can be added to build the interest and fun in your landscape.

If you drive home and are disgusted by what you see, that feeds whatever negativity may have occurred in your day, or it erodes the good feelings you may have brought home then give us a call and we can offer you a FREE ESTIMATE and make sure you are taken care of.

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