Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

Busy Homeowners: How to Have a Well-Tended Landscape

It is always a great feeling to step outside into your backyard and enjoy a landscape that is filled with healthy plants and a vibrant green lawn but as most of us soon realize, that sort of beauty can take a considerable amount of time and money to achieve.

Unless you have all the time you need and a generous budget for all the fancy plants, fertilizer, soil, and mulch that are needed to achieve this attractive landscape and keep it looking so good, you might need to try to find a few handy shortcuts to beautify your yard.

Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

Design matters! Get your ideas on paper

Trying to get your landscaping ideas down on paper is probably something you’ve already tried. Writing down the details of your ideas or drawing a sketch takes a good amount of time. Luckily, since you’ve been blessed to live during the time of the internet, you can look up the scenes you want, print them, or save them to a file. Information is at your fingertips, so put it to good if you get a few minutes throughout your busy day.

What project have you ever been involved in that didn’t take some level of attention to planning? It’s funny how so many landscapes are created on a whim and a trip to the nursery. I hate to break the news – no long-term success will come from this behavior. Short-term fixes maybe, but nothing that will really last.

The lesson is this: what you plant matters. Knowing the plant’s characteristics matter. Understanding how one plant will interact with another matters.

Fix The Lawn

Brown patches on the lawn can drive homeowners crazy and you can spend a lot of your available time and money just fixing your lawn so that it looks green all the time, and that’s before you even get started on the plants.

Timing is Everything!

When you do things matters in the landscape. Remember, this is a living, breathing collection of organisms. You can’t plant in the heat of summer and not expect heat stress. You can’t prune just before the plant is going to bloom and then expect vibrant flowering. You can’t fertilize when a plant is dehydrated and expect any success. Get the timing right and align your efforts with the natural rhythms of nature and you will have far better results.

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