Lawn Care Tips for the First-Time Home Buyers

Lawn Care Tips for the First-Time HomebuyersLawn Care Tips for the First-Time Home Buyers

It’s your first home, and your first spring after a long winter. Are you ready for what it takes to end up with a lush, green lawn? One you walk around in with your bare feet, enjoying your very own home and yard for the first time?

These 5 tips for for spring lawn care will help get you on the right track, on a level playing field with your neighbors.

1. Raking

First, give your lawn a light raking, this will lift up matted grass and help remove snow mold by fluffing it up so air and sunlight can get to the soil.

Seed bare and thin areas early, you want to get those spots seeded as soon as possible, bare spots are areas where weeds like to sprout first.

2. Soil Testing

Get your soil tested, your soil might be missing basic nutrients or have a poor pH, which can affect your lawns overall health and look. Check in your area for nurseries or lawn care companies what will send samples out for you or can look in stores and online for kits you can do yourself.

Aeration and Seeding

Fertilize early, if you didn’t fertilize in mid to late fall, your lawn will be looking for food, fertilizing now will stimulate both above and below ground to help with early spring grown.


Make your first cut short, aim for 1 to 1 ½ inches, when the grass is first starting to grow. This will cut away some of the dead grass left over from last fall if left to long, also it will allow sunlight to warm up the soil faster, stimulating grow and allowing sunlight to reach newly forming grass blades.


Following these three simple steps will set you, and the lawn at your new home, on the right path.  If you have further questions, or would like to take advantage of a free consultation for your property, we’d be thrilled to speak with you – don’t hesitate to contact us!


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