3 Activities to Enjoy Your Lawn

If you’re panicking that school is almost out and you have no plans to keep your kids occupied, this blog is for you. If your reaction to the sun last summer was akin to an ancient vampire because you stayed inside for the majority of the season, this blog is definitely for you. If you’re thinking of taking out a loan in order to take your family to the summer blockbusters, stop what you’re doing and read this. 🙂

3 Activities to Enjoy Your Lawn

Lawn Croquet

1.Lawn Croquet – You don’t have to be a mid-afternoon tea drinking, scone eating, pastel colored pants wearing member of the royal family to play and enjoy croquet. It’s gaining popularity across all the socioeconomic boards. So at your next BBQ when you’re showing off your Goodfellas Enterprises lawn to the neighbors, have some entertainment ready in the form of a croquet game.

3 Activities to Enjoy Your Lawn

2. Backyard Theater – This one is for all those who love being outside, day and night. A backyard theater has a lot of appeal. They’re cozy, convenient, and cost-effective. A backyard theater is reminiscent of an old drive-in and brings people together. You have a little more control over what happens at your movie. Popcorn doesn’t cost $10 per person, cell phone screens aren’t glaring from your peripheral vision, temperatures aren’t below freezing, and no stranger gets to be close enough to sneeze in your soda.

Vegetable Garden

3.Vegetable Garden – Another lawn activity gaining popularity in the Midwest area of the US is taking a page out of the farmers almanac and growing a seasonal garden. Growing your own vegetables means knowing where your food came from, spending less at the grocery store, tasting the freshness of just-picked herbs, and having an activity to share with children.

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