3 Top Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

3 Top Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Snow and ice removal may seem like a simple service. As snow piles up and ice accumulates, we shovel the space and use products to help melt the ice, particularly on surfaces that are traveled often and need to be free of the slippery surface ice creates.

But it’s easy to make mistakes — and mistakes with snow and ice removal can cost commercial property mangers a great deal of money, not to mention the potential harm that can come from unsafe conditions.

Here are the top 3 commercial snow removal mistakes and how you can avoid them on your Chicagoland commercial property.

Mistake #1: Choosing The Wrong Equipment For The Job

You wouldn’t bring a shovel to a job that requires feet of snow removal. This calls for a truck and a plow, especially on a large commercial properties with multiple parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.

It takes a whole fleet of properly maintained and prepared equipment to handle all levels of snow and ice accumulation on a commercial property.

Mistake #2: Not Using Salt And/Or Ice Melt Products At The Right Time

Taking care of the snow accumulation is one thing. But ignoring ice buildup creates a dangerous slippery layer that is hard to see, unsafe for visitors and employees on your commercial property, and progressively harder to clear as it gets thicker during sustained cold temperatures.

Goodfellas Enterprises, LLC uses deicing materials only as necessary — at the right time and in the proper amounts — to manage ice before it becomes a liability on your property.

Mistake #3: Procrastinating The Purchase Of Products

Last year, winter hit the Midwest hard. And the amount of snow and ice accumulation caused a surge in demand of salt and ice melt products.
It became harder and harder to obtain these much-needed products to melt all of the ice. In fact, in some areas, there are still salt and ice melt shortages.

Having a supply of these products on hand before the rough weather hits to take care of ice buildup is crucial, particularly after a winter like the one we just had.

Do You Trust Your Snow & Ice Contractor?

While some predictions say this winter will be just as bad as last year, if not worse, other forecasters are saying the area will see many snowstorm hits and misses. In our area, the forecast can change at a moment’s notice; a big storm can be nothing, or what was predicted to be flurries could turn into the blizzard of the century.

When you sign a contract, you put your commercial property in the hands of a trusted professional. Your snow and ice contractor is tasked with making the judgment call of when a property needs to shoveled, salted and cared for during winter weather.

Make sure you ask the right questions about your prospective contractor’s equipment, products, preparedness and commitment to service before you choose who to partner with for another unpredictable winter. (And plan your snow and ice management strategy early so your property gets the care it needs!)

Consider Goodfellas Enterprises, LLC For The Coming Winter

When you have snow and ice on your commercial property, you want it removed now. Good Fellas Enterprises’ experts are trained to mobilize before a storm strikes to quickly get your property back to a clean and safe state.

Give Goodfellas Enterprises, LLC a call at 402-551-7978 or use our simple contact form.

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