Recommended Grass For Nebraska Lawns

Recommended Grass For Nebraska Lawns –  Kentucky Bluegrass combined with Fine Fescue will make a good all around lawn. Sometimes turf-type perennial rye-grass is also used. Tall fescue is a favorite in southern Nebraska but it does not have quite the cold tolerance of Bluegrass or Fine Fescues. Zoysia and Bermuda grasses are grown in some cities south of the Platte. This however, is the upper most range of these grasses.

Kentucky Bluegrass

brilliant-kbg04Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season lawn grass. Bluegrass can be planted from seed or sodded and is one of the most popular turf grass lawns in Northern America. Bluegrass requires medium amounts of lawn care and makes beautiful home and sports grasses.


defiancexre-bluegrassFescue grass types are a variety of cool season grasses that are adapted to the transition zone of the USA and into Canada. The fescue grass species are easily planted with grass seed and include the sub species of broader leaved, bunching grasses named tall fescue and the group of finer leaved shorter fescue grass named Fine Fescue. Fine fescue grass species are creeping red, hard fescue, chewings fescue and sheep fescue. Fescue grass varieties are drought tolerant, require less fertilizer, develop a deep root system and thus are eco friendly. Pennington takes tall fescue up another notch in the environmental ladder with the release of the Tall Fescue Blend Smart Seed with natural microorganisms.

Unlike the majority of cool season grasses, Fescue grasses are shade tolerant and perform well in the lower areas of the transition zone where the season is too hot for the other cool grasses and in the area of the transition zone that is too cold in the winter for the warm season grasses.

Rye grass Seed – Annual & Perennial

ryegrass2Rye grass seeds were brought to the USA from Europe and rye grass is planted throughout the country as cool season lawns, pastures and turf. These bunch grasses consist of two basic types; annual and perennial. Each type of rye grass is planted as a pure strain or used in grass seed mixtures depending on the specific lawn, pasture or turf use desired.

Rye grasses are adapted into lawns mainly for their fast growing ability as a cool season grass and is sometimes referred to as winter rye grass. Perennial rye grass is a permanent lawn choice in cooler climate areas, and annual  rye grass is seeded yearly and lives for one season as a winter rye grass.

Zoysia Grass

Zenith-zoysia-homeZoysia grass seed or grass plugs grow a beautiful lawn or turf with a fine to medium textured leaf and the thick cushiony feel of lush carpet. But don’t let this tough grass fool you, it actually requires less mowing, watering and little if any chemicals to survive making Zoysia grass a very eco-friendly grass. All of this whilst running weeds and other grasses out of your lawn area. You see Zoysia grass grows differently than most other grass types. Rather than growing tall with seed heads, Zoysia grass spreads to form a dense sod by growing stolons or ‘runners’ thus expanding in multiple sideways directions rather than up!

Bermuda grass

grass-lawn-houseBermuda grass is one of the most popular of the warm season grasses. Bermuda grass can be easily planted from grass seed, sod or grass plugs. Bermuda grass is planted for beautiful, durable grass lawns, nutritious and traffic tolerant pastures, sports turf, golf courses, athletic fields, and more. This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones.

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