How to Choose a Commercial Snow Removal Company

goodfellas Enterprises LLC

Commercial Snow Removal Bellevue NE

With the winter fast approaching, many property managers are starting their bidding process for a commercial snow company at their facility. This is a huge undertaking for the facility manager as snow and ice management is a service that requires strong attention to detail, reliable companies, and a safe operation – any stray from this and a property manager could be facing huge liabilities and very unhappy tenants and/or employees at the onset of the first snow event. When choosing a snow removal company, here are five of the many questions that should be asked during the bidding process:

  • All things considered, choosing a snow removal company is a hiring decision that requires a lot of attention. When you find a company that can provide the answers to all of these questions and more before you even ask, then you’ve probably found yourself a professional company that has a strong understanding of the industry. This would be a good time to check into references and see if they can provide various pricing options to meet your snow removal needs and budget. Does the company carry liability insurance specific for snow removal, as opposed to a lesser general liability policy?
  • Does the company create and provide a documented Snow Response Plan for the property highlighting special instructions for the job?
  • Can the company guarantee to always maintain an ample supply of deicing materials?
  • Will the company assign an experienced and qualified, full time employee, to manage the job site, as opposed to a seasonal employee?
  • Does the company have contingency plans in place in the event of blizzards and/or breakdowns?

Goodfellas Enterprises LLC snow division have Certified Snow Professionals on staff, and are have the best prices in the area.  Click the Link and give us a call.

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