9 Frozen Oceans, Lakes and Ponds That Will Leave You Awestruck

Many people hate the winter because it’s cold, dark and just dreary. However the wintertime can actually be surprisingly beautiful! The first snow fall always makes the winter seem like a magical time, when everything is quite and the land is dusted over with a white powder. Check out these 9 frozen oceans, lakes and ponds that will leave you awestruck:

art water frozen

Frost Flowers in the Arctic Ocean 

This phenomenon happens when frost grows from the imperfections in the surface ice at temperatures nearing -7.6F. It causes little spiky pieces that house microorganisms.

art water frozen

Baikal Lake, Russia

This lake is not only the world’s oldest freshwater lake it is also the deepest.

art water frozen

Siberia, Russia

The ice is so strong that a horse could walk across it without a problem.

art water frozen

Pond Ice in Oregon

The way that the water froze in a pond in South Oregon caused geometric shapes in the surface of the ice.

art water frozen

Lake McDonald, Montana & Abraham Lake, Canada 

These photos show the many different levels on frozen ice, how it’s not just the top of the lake that is frozen.

art water frozen

 Lake Druhzby, Antarctica

This lake is freshwater and thus if there is no snow covering the ice you can see to the bottom!

art water frozen

 Abraham Lake, Canada

The methane from the bottom of the lake bubbles up as the water freezes causing this amazing design.

art water frozen

Frozen Pond, Unknown Location

It’s beautiful how the ice forms around the rocks and freezes as if there is still a ripple in the water.

frozen lake art

Lake Baikal, Siberia

The frozen ice resembles an emerald covered in a thick layer of fresh snow.

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