12 Places You Never Want To Visit After Dark

These places are so spooky that the only visitors they get are paranormal investigators! Check out these 12 places to avoid at all costs after nightfall:


Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary
This prison was open for over 100 years before they closed their doors in 1995. During its operational days the prison was home to serious criminals who would be hung, electrified and sometimes even beaten to death! Rumor has it that you can still hear the whispers of the prisoners.

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Amityville House
Any horror movie buff knows the history of this house, there have been several films created portraying the events that occurred. In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr killed six of his sleeping family members. The next residents of the home claimed it was haunted saying they experienced numerous paranormal happenings; the current residents disagree.

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The Old Idaho State Penitentiary
This prison started as a one-cell house in 1870 but quickly grew in order to accommodate all the prisoners. While in operation the prison was home to over 13,000 convicts. Massive riots broke out in protest of the sub-standard living. After a riot in 1973 that left the prison in $100,000.00 worth of damages they closed. The prison is said to be haunted; which comes at no surprise given how much violence took place over its 100 years of operation.

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Preston Castle
This castle opened at the turn of the century as a rehabilitation center for delinquent boys with a class of over 2,500. The school eventually closed in 1960 and remains vacant. While it was open several boys died, mostly due to yellow fever, and the headmistress was murdered by an unknown killer.

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Moon River Brewing Co. 
Before the days that this building was a brewery it was the first hotel in Savannah and the first Savannah post office. In 1864 the final guest checked out of the hotel and the building eventually became a lumber warehouse. In 1999 the building was converted to a brewery, and since then dozens of paranormal investigations have taken place.

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Tennant Church Cemetery
This cemetery has gravestones that date back to the 1600′s, and the church was once used as a hospital for soldiers during the Revolutionary War. During an excavation a mass grave was found containing numerous skeletons, probably all casualties from the war.

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Hawthorne Hotel
This hotel has one special room that people are on a waiting list to stay in room 325. Guest who have stayed in this room have been touched by ghostly hands and have heard phantom crying. The sixth floor is also home to a ghost woman who wanders the hallway at night.

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The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
The building was constructed between 1858 and 1881, and opened to patients in 1864. During the 1950′s the asylum became overcrowded with over 2,5000 patients. Due to the poor way the mentally ill were treated and the buildings deterioration the building officially closed in 1994.

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Pennhurst State School
Pennhurst is one of the most well known hospitals for abusing their patients. They would torture their patients and would even go as far as throwing them into the street, making them homeless. After rumors spread about the patient “care” the school closed down and was left to decay.

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Execution Rocks Lighthouse
The history for this site is quite gruesome, during the Revolutionary War it is said that people were executed by chaining them to the rocks during low tide and left there as the tide rose. In 1979 the lighthouse was automated and now guests can rent a room there for the night. Paranormal investigators said they experienced some ghostly events during their stay.

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Goldfield Hotel
The hotel was built in 1907 and was in operation up until the 1940s. The most notable ghost on theproperty is Elizabeth; according to legend she was a prostitute who got pregnant with the owners child and was chained to a radiator in room 109. Once the baby was born it was thrown down a mining shaft and Elizabeth was killed.

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Dauphine Pic

The Sultan’s Palace
In the late 1800′s this building was sold to a Turkish man who had a sultan brother. The house underwent a drastic change; heavy curtains on all the windows and barely anyone who entered left. One day blood was seen flowing from under the house’s entrance door, apparently it was turned into a slaughter house.

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