12 of the Most Amazing Snow Sculptures Ever

With the Winter in full swing, we found ourselves looking for some inspiration beyond a typical snowman. We found 18 of the most amazing snow sculptures EVER!


This looks so cool, I would definitely live here!

Image via ATT.JAPAN.


This snow sculpture is a real thriller.

Image via The Chive.


All aboard, but be careful the platform is a bit icy!

Image via Pinterest.


The detail on this sculpture is amazing!

Image via Kotaku.


Even though they’re made of snow Mickey and Minnie are always ready for an adventure.

Image via The Chive.


The Statue of Liberty saw something surprising.

Image via Noupe.


Imagine drinking a beer out of that mug, ice cold!

Image via The Chive.


It may be made of snow, but this sculpture makes us long for a tropical paradise.

Image via Kotaku.


This looks more like a beautiful government building than a snow sculpture.

Image via Kotaku.


The angles of this house sculpture are so precise, it’s unbelievable!

Image via Pinterest.


So perfectly built a show should be in front of it!

Image via Kotaku.


This last one just leaves me breathless, a personal favorite.

Image via NY Daily News.


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