The 12 Most Beautiful Christmas Trees From Around The World

If you’re the fan of the holidays than odds are you are also a big fan of Christmas trees. If you live in North America than obviously the best place to go is Rockefeller Center but surprisingly there are a lot of other spectacular trees out there. Check out the 12 most beautiful Christmas trees from around the world:

beautiful christmas trees

Galleries Lafayette in Paris, France

Located in the middle of the huge department store, Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, this tree is sure to wow shoppers.

beautiful christmas trees

Piazza del Duomo in Florence, Italy

The Duomo isn’t the only thing you’ll be marveling at if you’re in Italy during the Christmas season, the tree there is absolutely ginormous!

beautiful christmas trees

St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Italy

If you find yourself in Italy this winter you’re going to have to tour all the beautiful cities and their marvelous trees. First check out the tree at the Duomo and then get holy at the Vatican.

beautiful christmas trees

Rockefeller Center in New York City

The tree to end all tress. This lighting of this tree is televised and seen thousands every single year. If you are anywhere on the East Coast during December than you need to go to Rockefeller Center.

beautiful christmas trees

President’s Park in Washington, DC

Christmas is the perfect time to get all presidential. This spectacular tree will distract you from the real beauty behind it, the White House!

beautiful christmas trees

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nobody knows how to celebrate quite as well as the Brazilians and every Christmas they prove it. They have a tree lightning complete with fireworks.

beautiful christmas trees

Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, Italy

This tree is a bit less traditional but nevertheless is still a beauty. The colorful pipes will remind you of those old fashioned big bulbs on all those traditional trees.

beautiful christmas trees

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Looks like there is an ice skating rink next to this guy. The red ribbons on the tree tie the whole thing together.

beautiful christmas tress

Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain

Another tree that strays from the norm, this circle tree is red and green, the only relevant colors in December.

beautiful christmas trees

Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re looking for a real beauty than go to Prague. This tree is adorned from top to bottom in lights, ornaments, and tinsel.

beautiful christmas trees

Cathedral Square in Vilnius,  Lithuania

Right outside the cathedral this tree is less Christmas and more for any winter holiday. Even when it’s not snowing you’ll feel like it is with the glowing snowflakes.

The 12 Most Beautiful Christmas Trees From Around The World

beautiful christmas trees

Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland

No you can’t take those presents, but you can marvel at the beauty of it all. The purple lightning is a bit nontraditional but nonetheless this tree puts us in the holiday spirit.

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