10 Insanely Fun Kids’ Bedrooms

Every parent wants the very best for their children and some parents go above and beyond. Your child doesn’t need a cool room to know how much you love them, but it doesn’t hurt! These rooms are just so awesome, I wish that I could live in one of them. Check out these 10 insanely fun kids’ bedrooms:


This room is made for double the trouble and double the fun! This room was made for little girls but you can change the bedding to make it a boys room. The cushion under the window makes a perfect reading space for your little ones.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.09.11 PM

The struggle of every mother is not having enough space to store all their child’s belongings, well that problem has been solved. This cozy nook is not only adorable it has tons of storage! Your little one will also feel like a prince or princess with this canopy bed.


Maybe you live in the south or maybe you are just dreaming of it, regardless this room is a country boy’s or girl’s dream.  They can sit in their pickup truck bed and dream of the day when they can actually drive one!


This bed offers a laid-back home, within a home. If your backyard does not have space for a treehouse than you can just create one in your home. The lofted bed will make your child feel like royalty and the couches below are great for playdates.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.15.52 PM

Your child will feel like they are floating up to the sky in this very high lofted bed. If your child’s bedroom is small create the illusion of more space with  a high bed that leaves plenty of space for mobility underneath.


Maybe you have a bunch of little monsters or maybe your house is the “cool house” that everyone wants to hang out in, regardless these cubical beds are perfect for you. This room looks ultra-modern and even has a chalkboard to write messages on!


Your child might just fly away in this airplane bed. The old style plane is fit for any child who dreams of one day being an explorer and has visions of becoming Amelia Earhart.


This bed is just a little bit shipwrecked. Your kid will feel like a mermaid living “under the sea” in this fun room. If you are planning an ocean themed get your inspiration here, but maybe paint prettier fishes on the wall!


The trends of the 1960s are coming back and that means you’re going to need a Volkswagen bus. Create a flower power room with these bunked beds and popping colors.

cool kid rooms

Your child will get lost in this 100 Acre woods inspired room! You can hid ugly support poles in the room by disguising them as a birch trees.

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